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Changing the Conversation

Through professional development and coaching, we are changing the conversation in schools and transforming instruction to drive sustainable increases in student achievement.

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  • Teachers Transforming Students’ Lives

    Sustainable, deep school improvement and change must take place from the inside out. The topics of conversations teachers and school leaders have and the way in which they converse in school deeply impacts student success. Adults, in every school, control all the variables necessary to ensure success for all students.

  • Student-Centered Leadership

    All decisions, big or small, must be made placing the needs of students first. There is not a curriculum, a program, or a strategy that can substitute for effective teaching.

  • School-Specific Program Design

    “When they start by listening, it literally opens the door and you want to share.” — Emilio Rodriquez, English teacher Transforming education cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with schools and teachers to create a customized program that fits their unique challenges and opportunities and goals — instead of entering the school […]

Our Team

Meet our amazing team — dedicated to student success.

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Data overload

Data overload

“More data doesn’t not lead to better decisions.” As one of the principles of dynamical systems, this one seems to fly in the face of 21st Century thinking. We all collect reams, gigabytes galore and bulging file cabinets of data in our schools.  Does this not lead us to make wiser decisions regarding teaching and learning?  […]

Learning to Fail

We have all heard the old adage “we learn by our mistakes”. Unfortunately “learning from our mistakes” is not a given.  John Dewey noted “we don’t learn from our experiences, but from reflecting on or processing our experiences.”  Learning for both teachers and students is greatly enhanced when we provide opportunities for reflection and support […]

Urban success

Urban schools often conjure up images of dilapidated buildings filled with impoverished kids, posting failing test scores. And yet there are numerous examples of urban schools across Michigan that are proving this horrific image is not reality. Many teachers find fulfillment for their passion as they embrace the challenges in city communities. These teachers know […]