Changing the Conversation

We want to see news stories about what is wrong in our schools change to news stories about all that is right in our schools.

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  • Teachers Transforming Students’ Lives

    Sustainable, deep school improvement and change must take place from the inside out. The topics of conversations teachers and school leaders have and the way in which they converse in school deeply impacts student success. Adults, in every school, control all the variables necessary to ensure success for all students.

  • Student-Centered Leadership

    All decisions, big or small, must be made placing the needs of students first. There is not a curriculum, a program, or a strategy that can substitute for effective teaching.

  • School-Specific Program Design

    Transforming education cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with schools and teachers to create a customized program that fits their unique challenges and opportunities. For eligible Michigan schools, we are an approved SIG provider.

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Teenage Brains in the Best and Worst of Times

An estimated 50% of Michigan children under six years old now live in low-income households, according to Columbia University’s National Center for Children in Poverty.1 The children, young adolescents, and teens filling our classrooms are frequently victims of abuse, neglect, hunger, homelessness, and unsafe environments. These are tough times to be an educator! The statistics […]

Commence and Be Third!

The following post is the text of a May 31 high school graduation speech I delivered at the Landmark Academy in Kimball, Michigan. Good evening, Members of the Class of 2014, parents, family, and guests: Maya Angelou passed away on Wednesday. One of the most gifted poets of our times, Ms. Angelou once said, “I’ve […]