We work with your school to provide student-centered teaching, learning, and leading — the most effective school environment for K-12.

Our Passion

At the Institute for Excellence in Education, students are at the heart of all that we do.

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  • Teachers Transforming Students’ Lives

    Sustainable, deep school improvement and change must take place from the inside out. The topics of conversations teachers and school leaders have and the way in which they converse in school deeply impacts student success. Adults, in every school, control all the variables necessary to ensure success for all students.

  • Student-Centered Leadership

    All decisions, big or small, must be made placing the needs of students first. There is not a curriculum, a program, or a strategy that can substitute for effective teaching.

  • School-Specific Program Design

    Transforming education cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with schools and teachers to create a customized program that fits their unique challenges and opportunities. For eligible MI schools, we are an approved SIG provider.

Our Team

Meet our amazing team, dedicated to student success.

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Remember the ‘Special Sauce’ of Good Teaching

It is one thing to learn a concept, but it is another thing to remember it. A couple things can aid our memories. For example, try this pop quiz by filling in the blank: “Two all-beef patties, _______ ______, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame-seed bun.” Chances are if you are more than 50 […]

Teacher Topic: “10/2,” or “Chunk and Chew”

“10/2,” or “Chunk and Chew” The 10/2 or “Chunk and Chew” strategy is highly effective in supporting students’ understanding of important concepts. The purpose of 10/2 is to ensure that students are not inundated with input from the teacher without being given appropriate time to process the information. Research (Costa, 1981 and Long, Swain & Cummins, […]